Engineering Diploma Courses

Sr. No. Course Eligibility Duration
1 Diploma in Mechanical 10/12/ITI/MCVC 3 Years for 10th, 
2 years for 12thSc / ITI / MCVC (Relevant Trade)
2 Diploma in Electrical 10/12/ITI/MCVC 3 Years for 10th, 
2 years for 12thSc / ITI / MCVC (Relevant Trade)
3 Diploma in Civil 10/12/ITI/MCVC 3 Years for 10th, 
2 years for 12thSc / ITI / MCVC (Relevant Trade)
4 Diploma in Electronics & telecomm. 10/12/ITI/MCVC 3 Years for 10th, 
2 years for 12thSc / ITI / MCVC (Relevant Trade)
5 Diploma in Computer Science 10/12/ITI/MCVC 3 Years for 10th, 
2 years for 12thSc / ITI / MCVC (Relevant Trade)
6 Diploma in Automobile 10/12/ITI/MCVC 3 Years for 10th, 
2 years for 12thSc / ITI / MCVC (Relevant Trade)

Short Term Computer Courses

A) Basic Courses

Sl. No Course Name Course Contents Eligibility Duration (in hours)
01. Certificate Course in Office Automation Basics of computer, Windows, MS Office, Communicating using Internet, Web Browser, Communication and Collaborations, Making small presentation 10 + 2 80 hrs.
02. Certificate Course in Soft Skills Communicative English English Grammar, Letter Writing, Introduction to spoken variety of English, Phonetics, Tongue Twister, Windows, MS-Office & Internet, Module on Customer Care, Debating services 10th Pass 80 hrs
03. Bridge Course in Mathematics Basic Mathematics, Algebra, Complex Number, Calculus, Permutations, Combinations, Binomial Theorem Graduate preferably, 10 + 2 in Arts / Commerce for CHM-O Level 60 hrs
04. Certificate Course in Web Designing Introduction to Internet & Web, HTML,DHTML, JAVA Script, Flash PhotoShop, CSS Project on Website Development Knowledge in Basic computer concept 80 hrs


B) Advanced Level Courses

Sl. No Course Name Course Contents Eligibility Duration (in hours)
01. Certificate Course in ASP.Net with C# Dot Net framework Using ASP.net and C# Reviews, OOPs concept using C#,Controls in ASP.Net & ASP. Net objects, Master pages,Themes , Skins, User control, Ajax Control Tool kit, Validation controls & security Navigation tools,Database concepts,Data controls, classes, objects,   DLL's, Publishing & Deploying Web App, Membership service , Advance concepts – LinQ, projects Undergoing/Graduation with knowledge of any programming language 120 hrs
02. Certificate course in PC, Hardware & Networking Introduction to PC H/W, H/W installation and configuration, PC debugging, troubleshooting & maintenance, S/W installation & configuration, Networking basis & configuration 10 + 2 with Basic knowledge of computer 80 hrs
03. Certificate course in PC Assembly and Maintenance Basic of computer and I/O devices, Study of monitors, memory, Hard disk and motherboard I/O ports, Graphic card, Installation of printer, modem, OS & scanner, Networking fundamentals 10th pass 80 hrs
04. Interactive Multimedia Development Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Sound Forge, Premier Pro, 2D flash / 3dx Max 10 + 2 144 hrs
05. Introduction to 2D Animation Introduction to Multimedia, Introduction to 2D, Adobe Photoshop, Flash , Soft skill, Project 10th+2 120 hrs
06. Introduction to 3D Creative Design Introduction to Multimedia, Introduction to 3D, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Concept, Auto-Cad, Max, Project, Examination 10th+2 144 hrs
07. Certificate Course in programming through C language Introduction to C, Data Types & Operators, Looping, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Structure & Union, Header files, File handling Basic knowledge of computer & at least 10 + 2 80 hrs
08. Certificate Course in Programming in C ++ OOPs concepts, Data types & operator, logical / looping, function & array, class & object, polymorphism, operator / function overloading, File handling operations 10 + 2 & basic knowledge in programming language 80 hrs
09. Certificate Course in Financial Accounting using TALLY Introduction to FA, Company & Account master creation, preparation of reports, account with inventory and reports, concept of VAT, ST, TBS, FBT, Payroll etc 10 + 2 pass with knowledge in computer concept 80 hrs
10. Certificate course in advance Financial Accounting Concept of Job costing, Point of sales, excise duty, payroll, manufacturing inventory, security level and auditing share accounting using Tally ERP 9 10 + 2 with knowledge of FA 36 hrs

C) Courses for Professionals

Sl. No Course Name Course Contents Eligibility Duration
(in hours)
01. Certificate Course in Core JAVA Introduction to OOPs, class & object, package & interface, exception handling, multithreading, Applets & AWT controls & Swing, SQL & JDBC, Java I/O Basic knowledge of computers 80 hrs
02. Certificate course in advanced JAVA (J2EE) Introduction to core JAVA & J2EE, SQL & JDBC, Beans in Servlet, Introduction to Struts framework, JSP, Hibernation Basic knowledge of programming language      80 hrs
03. Certificate course in Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Introduction to RDBMS & ORDBMS, Basic PL/SQL, Control Structure & Procedure & Function, Cursor, Trigger, Exception Handling 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of DBMS      80 hrs
04 Certificate course in Information Security & Cyber LAW Information Security, Security services, mechanism & attack, physical & system security, Internet & web parity, Network security fundamentals, IT Act & Cyber Law, Case study 10th pass with basic computer and networking knowledge     80 hrs
05 Certificate course in DSP using MATLAB Introduction to MATLAB, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Signal in Time domain, Digital signal in frequency domain, Digital filters Engineering Graduates (Undergoing also)     80 hrs
06 Certificate course on MATLAB Introduction to MATLAB, Graph plots, procedure & functions, control statements, manipulating text, GUI interface, Introduction to simulink, Introduction to Digital Image processing tool box ME/MTech/MCA/BCA/B.Sc/M.Sc, Diploma & Engineering graduates (undergoing also)    36 hrs
07 Element of Digital Image processing using MATLAB Image processing fundamentals, Image digitization, Image enhancement & Image restoration, Image compression, Edge & Boundary detection, Image registration ME/MTech/MCA/BCA/B.Sc/M.Sc, Diploma & Engineering graduates (undergoing) / Research Scholars   36 hrs
 08 Certificate course in AutoCAD Introduction to coordinate systems, 2D & 3D drawings, editing, layers, blocks, X-refs, rendering solid modeling Engg. Diploma / Degree / ITI trained  80 hrs
 09 Certificate course in Advanced Development using PHP Introduction to PHP, Introduction to AJAX, OOPs concept in PHP, Concept in MySQL Database, Data Base programming using PHP and MySQL, concept of CMS Basic programming knowledge  80 hrs
 10 Introduction to Finite element analysis using ANSYS Introduction to FEA ANSYS and its interfaces, ANSYS basic and general FEA analysis, procedure, structural analysis, thermal analysis, modal analysis Engg. Degree / Diploma  80 hrs
11 Certificate course in Network Administration Computer Network, Topology, Protocol, Networking Hardware, Network configuration, Network Addressing, Routing and routed Protocols, VLAN, ACL, Server installation and troubleshooting 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of Computer 80 hrs
12 Certificate course in System Administration with Linux Commands, shell programming, managing files & services, user administration, file system administration, disk quota administration, network connectivity, lvm, remote administration, system resources, SELinux etc 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of Computer 80 hrs
13 Certificate course in Oracle DBA SQL, oracle architecture, oracle instance, creating database, data dictionary & views, control files, log files, tablespace, storage, structure, managing undo data, table & index, user & privilege, etc 10 + 2 & basic knowledge of DBMS 80 hrs
14 Certificate Course in Mobile Application Development using Android Android- Background & Architecture, Installing SDK & Starting Android, Creating Applications using Android, Creating User Interface, Concepts of Intents, Using Internet Resources Through Android, Broadcast Receivers, Files & Preferences, Concept of maps and Location Based Services, Using Advance Features-camera, media-player Knowledge of Oops Concepts. 80 hrs